Aamir Khan- One man army, Extreme Transformation- Fat To Fit!

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One man armyAamir Khan

Mr.Aamir Khan Upcoming Film Lal Singh Chaddha.

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Aamir Khan has written a new definition of perfectionism. In his upcoming film Dangal, he has a roll of a wrestler. Let us tell you about this wonderful journey of Aamir Khan as a wrestler.

Millions of fans, unmatched hard work, and the unmatched acting name are Aamir Khan. In Aamir year only one movie does. In his upcoming movie Dangal, Aamir will be seen playing the character of Mahabir Phogat, a noted wrestler. Since the entire film being a wrestler of Mahavir Phogat shows the story of a tough and age-old father of two girls. Aamir has made a lot of changes in his physical form during the shooting of this film. Aamir said that during the shooting of the film, he was afraid of having serious medical problems with such physical changes, but still, Aamir used this challenge successfully without using any technique or bodysuits.

Aamir said, “I told the director of the movie that before I increase the weight, I finish shooting 80 percent of the film. After that, I will be able to shoot again for the remaining scenes. By doing so, there will be a reason for me to become thin again, otherwise, there will be no reason for me to fit after the film. “Since whatever food they wanted to eat, they could eat, therefore, to increase the weight, Did not have to face But to look like an aged wrestler, he had to do daily squats and bench press, which was very difficult for Aamir Khan, who was around 97 kg.

But the real riot of his fitness began when he had to come in the form of a young wrestler for the initial part of the film and then he had the challenge of bringing his body fat from 38% to 9%.

Aamir told me that he had given himself five months to fit again. At the same time, he aimed to make a body similar to the famous wrestler Sushil Kumar. Aamir said that the diet has the most role to play in making physical changes. If you are not taking the right diet, then it does not matter how much you exercise.

Fat To Fit! Aamir Khan- One man army, Extreme Transformation-

According to Aamir, creating a healthy body-

Contribution of 50 percent is to the diet

GM Diet – Easily Lose Weight.

25 miscellaneous contributions to workout, and

25 percent contributed to sleep.

For good results sleep well for 8 hours.

To reduce the weight of approximately 22 kg in a very short time, Aamir took a close look at the calorie level of his body. He said that in this way of weight loss, the number of calories you take during the day if you exercise and lose more calories than it will always be effective in reducing weight.

For example, if you take 2000 calories through a different diet in the day and you can workout for 2500 calories, then your body will burn 500 calories. By doing this every day, you will be able to burn 3,500 calories a week, and your weight will be reduced to about half a kilo.

Diet has a big role in this game of calorie. You need to take a balanced diet to do this.

Amir says that in a balanced diet-

30 percent protein

20 percent healthy fat, and

Must have 50 percent carbohydrate

It’s a good way to lose weight, a magic wand can not be used to lose weight.

Aamir’s nutrition expert Dr. Nikhil Dhurandar gave him such a diet, where his body’s calorie levels were between 1800 and 2500. Aamir used to eat a little bit 8 to 10 times a day. They believe that our health and our food depend on food. To maintain their body metabolism, they drink 3 to 4 liters of water a day and take 8 hours of sleep every day.

One man army -Aamir Khan-, Extreme Transformation- Fat To Fit!

Aamir used to take this diet to increase the weight during the Dangle film-

Breakfasts – 25 gms of alum and 100-gram papaya were used.

Lunch – Some vegetables consume about 30 grams of pulses made from roti.

Dinner – fish like natural protein sources (according to their trainers, Aamir also took a break from the Vegan Diet)

Aamir’s physical trainers Rakesh Udayar (trainer of Salman Khan) and Rahul Bhatt (son of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt) helped him during his gym workout.

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Amir used to work 6 hours, in the beginning, to reduce 22 kg weight in 5 months.

The daily workout of Aamir was done in the first three weeks.

3 hours hiking (walk)

2 hours cycling

1-hour tennis and one-hour swimming.

With this, she used to sleep for 10 to 12 hours daily. Aamir told that during this time he reduced the weight of about 2 kgs every week.

Aamir explains that working on the legs is the most challenging task. And meeting them was the most difficult to meet.

Aamir’s trainers said that there were some days when Amir was very tired and could do anything in his absence, but still with his passion and passion, Aamir used his workout.

This story of Aamir is an example of passion and commitment. This story inspires millions of fans to come out of their limitations and work unmatched. Playing the first 97 kg wrestler for a 51-year-old man, it is inspiring to play the character of a young person by reducing 22 kg weight in a little while. Amir advises his admirers that none of the guides of any expert will do such training with their body and health.

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