Allure Beauty Box – Luxury Beauty and Makeup Subscription Box- Buyer’s Guide

Allure Beauty Box

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Allure Beauty Box:- Allure’s monthly beauty box offers top-trending, editor-tested makeup and beauty pick with a $70+ value for only $15.Top products selected by Allure editorial experts (we test more than 50,000 products a year). At least 2 full-size products in every box.A mini-mag with tips and exclusive offers.

Is the Allure Beauty Box worth it?

It’s a great value and so far I’ve been impressed with the variety and size of samples they send. I know they don’t get much love around here but personally I’d recommend it! For $15, I’d recommend essence over allure, regardless of whether you’re a WOC. They send a variety of beauty products & their CS is great.

Which monthly beauty box is best?

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Does Allure Beauty Box ship to UK?

Yes definitely.

Is Allure beauty box better than IPSY?

Overall, I think the Allure box is the better deal. I was more excited for those products than for the Ipsy bag. I have received another bag since, and it also was very anti-climatic. … Also, Allure is $5 more than Ipsy.


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Top 4 Customer questions & answers

Question: What is the benefit of getting this box through Amazon instead of directly through Allure?

Answer: The benefits of getting my box through Amazon for me is getting my box earlier than I used to when subscribed through Allure. I’ve been subscribed to Allure through Amazon for about 5 months now and I get my box very early in the month. I get billed the 1st and have had my box as early as the 6th of the month and the 10th being the latest so far. When I was subscribed directly through Allure I would get my boxes the very last week of the month. 

Question: How does this compare to Birchbox or Ipsy?

Answer:-Birchbox cost $10 per month
Birchbox’s gift to you is their signature box, which has a different designed top and a color-coordinated bottom each month, which could be used for gift giving or storage, but it’s not very large, I ended up with a stack of 5×7 boxes, which I donated.
I liked that you were asked questions tailored to determine your favorite (or most flattering) colors, and any skin or hair issues. The selection of samples is somewhat comparable to those you can buy at Sephora when you are waiting in line.
What turned me off was when I decided to cancel my subscription to Birchbox, I went through a gauntlet of questions on their website and was then directed to check my email for the link to cancel (sent from Birchbox), which never arrived. I stopped payment via my bank.

-Ipsy cost $10 per month
…I liked Ipsy for more than Bb. They sent the samples in a makeup bag, which was different each month, and a makeup brush. The samples were relatively the same as Bb, and often one or two samples duplicated each other. I joined Ipsy after being a Bb member off and on for several months. I quit Ipsy only because I had several samples of the same products, but I really did like the makeup brush and makeup bags.

**Both Birchbox and Ipsy include a card with a description of the products and the discount price you’ll receive on their website.

-Allure costs $15 per month, your first months’ box is $10.
My first month was June and I was really impressed! I received a sea through a day-glow plastic envelope/makeup bag. The items were packaged very thoughtfully, and no small sample sizes. Eye cream, Floss lip gloss, Moroccanoil hair treatment…six items total.


The July box was Huda Beauty, a really nice offering.
Included in each monthly envelope is a small booklet with a generous description of the product and promo code.


August’s offering was the last one to include the envelope/bag.
September’s box, slightly bigger than Bb’s box, with “allure beauty” stamped on top. I was disappointed, but the nice thing about the contents was that they were all Allure Award-winning products. Included were full-size NARS lip crayon, a favorite of mine.

The downside is that the LaRoche-Posey eczema cream was truly sample-sized, (perhaps because of the cost, their products are expensive, but high quality) the rest were full and deluxe sample-sized.

Allure includes a small booklet with each order with product description/review by an Allure employee why they love it, how to use, etc. Also included are ads for jewelry to swim ware, discounted pricing, or a dollar amount off from Allure.
I hope this helps.

Question: if you have amazon prime will it ship for free?

Answer: It ships for free for everyone. Amazon Prime has nothing to with it, Conde Nast is the seller and the shipper.
I hope this helps.

Question: How do I register a friend for allure membership?

Answer: I gifted my BFF a three-month subscription by placing an order through regular Allure to see if she liked it. Then, for the remainder of her year, I changed my to #2 a month and it gives us a reason to get together, hang out and open boxes.

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