Back and Shoulders workout- V shape Back and broad Shoulders.

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Back and Shoulders workout Hello friends, do you want to know how to make shoulder, remember how to make Shoulder exercises, then you are on the right post because today we will tell you how to make shoulder and shoulder workout routine in Hindi, with the help of which you can also make a great muscular and big shoulder.

Friends, we have seen many children here who go to the gym to exercise, but they give very little importance to their shoulder exercises. Their most attention is in increasing their bicep and tricep.

But this is a big mistake because if all your body parts are not developed then your body will not like it, so we want to say to the boys who only exercise or exercise to strengthen their arms. Pay as much attention to your entire body as you do to increase your biceps and triceps

In this block of ours, we had written many posts about fitness bodybuilding and many of the boys asked us to please tell us the exercises of the shoulder and what is the way to make shoulder which helped us make big shoulders and muscular soldiers. Can

Back and Shoulders workout

Friends, this post today is on a topic that how to make shoulder and exercises and ways to make shoulder, we hope that by reading our post today, you will get to know how you can make a great shoulder.

We would request you to read this post till the end so that you can get information about the entire exercise.

Let’s not waste much time friends, let us directly see how to make shoulder and ways to make the shoulder

How to make a shoulder
Ways to make the shoulder

Before we tell you how to make shoulder exercises and show different workouts, we want to give you some important tips with which you can make a muscular shoulder and also increase the size of your shoulder.

Tips for increasing the size of your shoulder

First of all, we want to tell you that whatever shoulder exercise you do, it has to be done in a good way and you have to try that you will do all your exercise with the right technique because we have seen many boys who are in trouble. Exercise shoulder

Due to which he gets hurt and is unable to exercise again. The other disadvantage is that doing any exercise with the wrong technique does not benefit him, only he wastes time in the gym.

So we will ask you that if you do not know how to do any exercise or workout routine, then you can take the help of your gym trainer because they have the knowledge to do all the exercises and they know all the ways.

So take the help of your gym trainer and ask them first how to do this exercise and they will give you complete information about how they exercise with the right technique.

The second thing we want to tell you is that you have to do your shoulder exercise only 2 days a week and do not do much at all. Many children believe that the more we train our Shoulder, the more our shoulder size will be, but this does not happen at all

If you overdo your shoulder workout, it increases the risk of over-training, due to which you may get an injury and you may get hurt.

So we will ask you to exercise your shoulder only 2 days a week and we guarantee you that if you exercise your shoulder properly and with the right technique then you will get very good results, as well as your shoulder Size, will also increase

Back and Shoulders workout

The third thing we want to say to you is that you have to give your body plenty of protein. Many of us ask that we go to the gym to exercise but our body size is not able to read.

The biggest mistake is that people do not give the same thing that is needed to increase the muscles of their body, due to which they cannot read their body size.

So we will ask you to take more protein in your diet plan so that your muscle gets plenty of protein and your shoulder size will increase.

We have written a very good post related to the diet plan for bodybuilding, which you must read and we will give the link below.

The fourth thing we want to say to you is that if you want to make your shoulder big and increase its size, then you have to give comfort to your body, we have written this in each of our posts that as long as you keep your body full Your body size will not increase at all.

So you get full sleep while sleeping at night and do not do too much work, it is enough to work out for 45 minutes and you do not need to work for 1 hour or 2 hours at all.

Let’s see the tips that I had to give to you guys, now let’s see what are the shoulders workouts

Back and Shoulders workout

Shoulders workout

  • Barbel press
Barbell press Back and Shoulders workout

To do this exercise, you should stand up straight and hold the barbell with your hands at the distance of the shoulders and then move the barbell completely up and then slowly bring it down towards your shoulder.

You have to keep your feet at the distance of your shoulders and do not exercise at all fast, you have to feel the weight slowly on your shoulder, only then you will benefit from this exercise

  • Dumbbell front raise
Dumbbell front raise

This exercise is also a tremendous exercise and it will help you in shaping your shoulders a lot and its beauty will also come out, companions will also get cuttings in it.

To do this exercise, you should hold dumbbells in both your hands and both hands should be on top of your legs. After this, you have to raise one hand and bring it up to your shoulder and then slowly bring the arm back to the starting position.

In the same way, you have to do it with your other hand as well and keep in mind that while exercising, you have to put all your concentration on the muscles of your shoulders, so that you will get a great benefit from this exercise.

While doing this exercise, you keep the distance of your feet at the distance of your shoulders.

  • Barbell upright row
Barbell upright row Back and Shoulders workout

Friends barbell upright row is a great exercise so that the size of your shoulders increases and they also get cutting.

To do this exercise, you should stand upright and keep your feet at a distance of shoulders.

After this, lift the barbell with both your hands and start from the bottom of your face. With the help of both your hands, you have to bring the barbell to your shoulder and stay there for some time and you have to focus on your shoulder muscles at this time.

Then slowly bring your hands back to the starting position. Friends, to tell the truth, this workout is great, it will bring very good cutting in your shoulder and will increase their size as well.

Back and Shoulders workout

  • Dumbbell lateral raise
Dumbbell lateral raise

Dumb Lateral Rage is the second-best exercise and you will ask any bodybuilder what exercise is most important to you in your shoulder workouts, then it will be Dumb Lateral Rage.

To do this exercise you have to stand upright and keep your feet at the distance of the shoulders and place both your hands on the side of your trice and then slowly bring both hands up together. Is towards your shoulders and stay there for a while

And then slowly you have to bring your hands to your starting position again. Believe us our belief that this exercise is great and it will also increase the size of your shoulders and will also bring cutting in them.

Back Workout

The best exercise to make Back to V shape

Everyone wants to have a good chest and 6 pack abs but you cannot deny the waist for a good body. The posture of your body is good due to good waist exercise and Bofya gets a good look. Here some AC exercises are described, so that by regular you can gain and gain the strength of your body.

  • Deadlift
Deadlift Back and Shoulders workout

How to do it: This exercise is for the fully baked muscles. According to the grip shown in the photo, grab the rod and rise up while pushing your AD. Make sure your waist is straight. After that, slowly stop the interlock and get into your starting position.

  • Bent-Over Barbell Row
Bent-Over Barbell Row Back and Shoulders workout

How to do it: Grip the rod overhead and hold it more than your shoulder. Close your body at a 60-degree angle. Pull the barbell upward. And hold it for 1 second and return to the starting position.

  • Lat Pull-Down
Lat Pull-Down

How to do it: Hold the rod of the Lat Pull Down machine more than the width of the shoulder and slowly bring it down to your chest and hold it for 1 second and return to your starting position.

Seated Cable Rows Back and Shoulders workout

How to do it: Sit on a cable row machine, take a straight rod and bend your knees. Keeping your waist straight, pull the rod towards you and hold it for 1 second and then return to the starting position. Do this at least 10 times and 12 times in the next set and then 15 times in the last set.

  • Dumbbell Pull-overs
Dumbbell Pullover
Back and Shoulders workout

How to do it: This exercise is done like the last exercise of both chest and back exercises. In this, you have to lie down on a straight bench, with a dumbbell with both your hands, slowly bring it down and then bring it back to the staging position.

Back and Shoulders workout

You and friends
Friends, this was how to make shoulder and exercise to make shoulder. We hope that you will now know what are the ways to make shoulder. But once again we want to tell you again that you have to pay a lot of attention to your technique that if you exercise with the right technique, then you will get the full benefit of the workout given above.

If you liked this post of ours, please do share it with your other friends, people who want to make their shoulders but they do not know what is the best exercise to make the shoulder.

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