Every day, there are 9,000 steps to reduce the decreasing memory and changing behavior.

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Every day, there are 9,000 steps to reduce the decreasing memory and changing behavior.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School research on 182 people battling Alzheimer’s

According to researchers, the cause of Alzheimer’s is the rise of amyloid beta protein in the brain

 Scientists believe that light-acting exercises on daily basis can help in preventing aging and changing behavior in the growing age. Researchers at the Harvard Medical School in recent research have claimed that daily problems of Alzheimer’s can be reduced by taking 8,900 steps per day. This has been revealed in research on 182 people.

Alzheimer’s Protein Regarding Exercise

  1. According to the research published in the Journal of Zuma Neurology, daily wack is beneficial for those whose mentality is decreasing rapidly in the yardstick. Alzheimer’s disease is a growing age of rapidly decreasing yard. Scientists say that such a condition is created when the level of protein called amyloid beta increases in such a mind.
  2. According to Dr Jasim Chatmal, Assistant Professor of Harvard Medical School, with the improvement of the yardstick from physical activity, the risk of blood pressure, obesity, smoking, diabetes can be reduced. There are 182 people involved in the research, whose ability to think and understand the jadshat was checked twice in the past seven years. The pedometer keeping track of these was worn and the effect of walking on daily basis for 7 days was observed.
  3. Emyloid protein levels were observed by scanning the abdomen of the brains of all those involved in the research. According to the researcher, in the past many research has revealed that the exercise prevents the progression of this protein level. People who are already active have no brain reduction in their brain and amyloid beta proteins are controlled.


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