24 Best English Vocabulary for EXERCISING at the GYM

English Vocabulary for EXERCISING at the GYM

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1) Get in Shape

English Vocabulary for EXERCISING at the GYM Get in Shape
English Vocabulary for EXERCISING at the GYM

Today’s lesson is about getting you in shape. What does that mean? It means going to the gym and exercising, and all the vocabulary you need to do that well.

If you go to the gym and you need to speak to a personal trainer or a fitness coach, he or she will use these words to help you get a very nice body. So let’s start with these. First of all, most people who go to the gym want to “get in shape”. It doesn’t mean they want to become square ora circle or a triangle. It means they want to have a good body, and also to feel healthy.

They want to breathe easier, they want to be able to walk or run for a longer time, they want to be able to feel good about their physical condition. Now, a lot of people also go to the gym because they want these things.

2) Fit

They want to be “fit”. “Fit” basically means healthy.

3) Toned

Some people want to get “toned”. They want some lines here and there; they don’t want to be round.They want more lines, a little bit more showing muscles; a little bit less showing fat.

4) Cutting

Some people want to get “cut”. Now, “cut” means that you see all the lines where all the muscles are or should be because you’ve worked out a lot. You have very little fat, more muscle.

5) Shredded

Now, some people want to get”shredded”. “Shredded” means like very, very, very cut. So if you think, for example, BradPitt, in the movie Fight Club, he was shredded. Very little fat, all muscle, and cut in all the right places.

6) Jacked

If you say someone is “jacked”, then you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Before he was a politician, a little bit before he was an actor, he was a bodybuilder. He was “jacked”; he had huge muscles everywhere.

7) Ripped

“Ripped” and “shredded” basically mean the same thing. These are all slang words for”toned”.

8) Six-pack abs

And everybody wants a “six-pack abs”. They want one, two, three, four, five, six. You have to work very hard for that. You have to get rid of a lot of fat to get all the muscles to show up. Keep in mind: all of these things, they’re more about a lifestyle than about exercising, but you have to exercise to get all these things.

9) Workout

Okay, so what can you do to exercise? You can “workout”. One thing you can do, you can walk around your house every day after dinner and, you know, work your digestive system. All the food you ate goes to the right places, everything okay. But you can also “work out”, means you go to the “gym” where they have all the weights, all the machines, you can exercise.”Work out”, exercise.

10) Spare tire

Why? Because you want to get rid of spare tires spare tire”. Now, this happens a lot more to men, but a spare tire. So, you know in your car if you have a flat tire, in the back, you have a spare tire? So imagine carrying that spare tire around your stomach. You’re skinny, skinny, skinny, fat, skinny, skinny, skinny, skinny. That’s your spare tire.

11) Love handles

Now, men also have “love handles”, you can grab them on the side and you can play with them. I won’t explain too much where the “love handle” term comes from, but that’s what they’re called.

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12) Muffin top

Women, on the other hand, it’s called a “muffin top”. Because you know when you have a muffin, there’s the paper and then-whoop-it comes out? So if you’re wearing tight jeans and then a little bit sticks out, that’s your muffin top. So, you go to the gym, you want to get rid of all these things.

13) Bulk up – build muscle

Some people want to “bulk up”, which means they want to get bigger. They want to “build muscle”. Muscle.

14) Slim down – burn fat

Some people want to “slim down”, which means they want to get thinner. They want to “burn fat”. So you build muscle, you burn fat.

Ideally, you do both at the same time. And, of course, more important than all of this: diet. You have to stop eating McDonald’s, you have to stop eating pizza, you have to stop eating bad food if you want to get any of these things.

Now, what can you do at the gym?

15) Weights

You can do”weights”. “Weights” means like actual physical, heavy things that you lift, etc., you do all kinds of things with them.

16) Cardio

you could do “cardio”. “Cardio” is short for “cardiovascular”, it means working the lungs, working the inside, getting the body, the blood to flow properly, getting your air passages to open and close properly.

17) Aerobics

One thing you can do for cardio is “aerobics”, so you know, like jumping jacks, and all that stuff, and running, and all these things, exercises on the floor. You do only with your body and a lot of movement to get the inside to burn fat.

18) Treadmill

Now, you can also do the “treadmill”. This is one machine. It’s a machine that you stand on. It has like a belt, and you just walk.You don’t go anywhere; you just walk, walk, walk for an hour. You burn a lot of fat.”Burn a lot of calories” is more correct, and hopefully, slim down.

19) Push-ups

 Now, if you want to bulk up, if you want to build muscle, you have to do things like “push-ups”. “Push-ups” on the floor, you’re almost lying down on the floor, and with your arms, you push yourself up. This is the floor.Okay?

20) Pull-ups

you could do “pull-ups”. On a bar, you pull yourself up. Pull yourself up and down.

21) Barbells – Dumbbells

you can use “barbells” or “dumbbells”.What’s the difference between a barbell and a dumbbell? A barbell has a long bar with however much weight you put on them, and you lift them, do whatever. Dumbbells are similar, but they’re smaller. So you grab with one hand and one hand, or you can just do one hand, and you can do all kinds of lifts with the dumbbell.

22) Cables

You can also use “cables”. These are like machines, but it’s like a metal wire, and you use them to pull or push, or whatever you need to do, whatever muscle group you want to work.

23) Bench press

And then you can do a “bench press”. So a”bench” is a bench; you sit on it, you lie down on it, and you… You’re lying down, and you’re pushing the barbell up and down, or the dumbbell, or whatever you need to do.

24) Sets and  Reps

Now, what we do with when we do weights, we do “sets” and “reps”. “Reps” is short for “repetitions”. So, for example, if you’re doing curls, if you’re lifting the dumbbell, you do 12 reps, and you do it three times, so three sets. Each set has 12 reps. Okay?

So, now, if you go to the gym and you want to get shredded or you want to get jacked or you want to just slim down, you know what to tell the trainers or what to tell the people there who are helping you out. More importantly, what to tell yourself.

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