Home remedies for cough- For Babies

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Home remedies for cough -The cold and cough are very annoying and uncomfortable for all of us. Now try to imagine how it would affect a small child. Nasal congestion, cough, phlegm, and difficulty breathing can be extremely difficult for children. Unfortunately, not much can be done to ensure hygiene in your home and prevent them from becoming infected.

However, for centuries, mothers across the country have been using various home remedies to provide some relief to their children. Listed below are some of the most effective:

Keep them hydrated

Home remedies for cough Keep them hydrated

(For babies older than 6 months) you should make sure they always stay hydrated when they get a cold. They should be given hot water, soup, etc. at short intervals.

Carrom and Garlic Seeds

Fry the carambola seeds and garlic in a pan. Then tie them in a muslin cloth and rub it on the child’s chest. For people under 6 months, tie the bag to your cot so they can expel the vapors.

Wet / Humid air

Home remedies for cough Wet air

To relieve the nasal passage of mucus, it is important to breathe moist air. Older children can be steamed directly with a vaporizer and a humidifier must be installed in the room for younger children. If none of this is possible, just give the child a hot bath in a steam bath.

Massage the baby

Another way to soak your baby is to massage it with warm oil (baby or mustard) mixed with garlic for instant relief.

Home remedies for cough

Use steam/ Vapour massage

Home remedies for cough Use steam massage

For children older than 6-8 months, rub some steam and rub it on your feet.

Elevate the child’s head

Elevate the child's head

(Not for children under six months) Raise the baby’s head by giving him an extra pillow or placing it under his mattress.

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Home remedies for cough Turmeric

Apply turmeric paste on the child’s head. For cough, mix a pinch of turmeric powder in warm milk and give it to the child.



(Only for children over one-year-old) Honey is considered one of the most effective natural products for cough. Honey can be administered several times a day with warm water. You can also mix 1 teaspoon of cinnamon with 1 teaspoon of honey and give it to the child once or twice a day to relieve it.


Home remedies for cough Camphor

Add a small amount of camphor to warm coconut oil and rub a few drops on the child’s chest. This can irritate your baby’s skin, so be sure to use very little camphor.



For children older than 6 months, you can boil some okra or woman’s finger with water. Let it cool and serve the baby in small amounts throughout the day.


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