Signs and symptoms of spinal cord injury

Signs and symptoms of spinal cord injury

Having a backbone is very important to maintain balance in the human body. It is very difficult or impossible to live without it. It helps in maintaining the structure of the human body.

But sometimes people start having severe problems with this vital part of the body, such as getting hurt or lifting something substantial, causing pain. Many people have this pain for some time and get cured on their own.

Cause of spinal cord injury pain

Signs and symptoms of spinal cord injury

Using the stairs more: Those people who use the stairs too much, then those people also start having this problem.

Older age: Mostly, this problem happens to the elderly, because after one period, your bones start getting weak.

Lifting overweight things: People who lift very high weight things also have this problem very quickly.

Jumping from a height: When you jump from a very high place, you get a shock in your spine due to which it happens.


Shock lifting: This happens to many people when they suddenly lift anything substantial.

Working for long hours: People who do a siting job throughout the day often have this problem. Because of this, they are also at risk of having a slipped disc.

Standing for a long time: This problem also happens to those people who work standing too much.

Always lying down: People who do everything late, also get this problem very quickly. By doing this, their spinal cord starts to weaken.

You are seating the chair incorrectly: When you are not keeping your structure correct while sitting in the chair. So because of that, you start having spinal cord injury.

Sleeping Wrongly: It also happens to those who sleep incorrectly; those people put a very high pillow because of this.


Being overweight: This problem also occurs with people who have a lot of weight. So keep your weight under control.

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Symptoms of spinal cord injury

  • Pain in sitting,
  • Numbness of the spine after sitting for some time,
  • Pain in the spine and back pain,
  • Pain in standing,
  • Feeling pain in the running,
  • Stiffness in the waist,
  • From neck to back pain,
  • Feeling pain even in light luggage,
  • I was feeling a sharp pain in doing any work while bending.

Tips to avoid spinal cord injury

  • If you want to keep your spine correct, then do regular exercise or yoga; you will have good health by doing this.
  • While sitting, make sure that your structure is correct or not, as it directly affects your spine.
  • While lifting the weight, always keep in mind that do not lift anything with a jerk, because it directly affects your spine.
  • If your job is to do sitting or standing, then take care of your posture.
  • If you do not keep your weight under control, you are also likely to have spinal cord injury.
  • If you rest the bed too much, it can also become a cause of spinal cord injury.
  • Do not sleep on a soft and substantial bed if you have a spinal cord injury thus, it is more common in people.
  • Smoking reduces blood flow to the spinal cord. In such a situation, the lower part of the spinal cord does not get adequate nutrition.
  • If you have any problem related to the spinal cord, then you must consult our doctor once. If you ignore the problem in your spine, it can be very harmful to you, due to which you may get spinal cancer.
  • Once it reaches cancer, it becomes a little more challenging to solve this problem. Doctors treat it when it has been happening for a long time, and depending on how serious it is; doctors treat it only.

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