The Military diet-military diet 3 day’s

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The Military diet

The Military diet– -a Weight loss of passion is not new. If a thin person also has a slight weight gain, then he also starts thinking about losing weight. There are many types of diet plans you can adopt for weight loss. Now another diet plan has been added to this list which is called a military diet. This diet is quite easy and will also help in losing weight quickly.

In this article, we will tell you about the military diet and will also give its advantages and disadvantages.

So let us tell you what is military diet, advantages, and disadvantages –

how to gaining weight easily at home!

  • What is the military diet?
  • How does this diet help in losing weight?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of this diet

1. What is the military diet?

Where did the military diet start? This question has not been properly known to date. According to some people, this diet was first adopted in the US to lose weight before the medical test to be admitted to the military. Some others say that this diet was started by the doctor of the American force so that the American force could remain fit. No matter how this diet started, it is clear that this diet has helped many people to lose weight.

This diet is divided into two stages –

Three-day low-calorie eating phase
Four-day normal calorie intake phase

Until you lose weight, you have to follow this routine. If followed properly, this diet plan can reduce your weight in a week.

2. How does military diet help in losing weight?

The Military Diet Plan contains a list of low-calorie diets as well as ice creams. Yes, Ice Cream!

For the first three days of the week, you do not have to consume more than 1100 to 1200 calories. This amount is very less compared to the number of calories you consume daily. You have to consume 1800 calories (ie normal level) for the next four days. However, most people eat healthy food during this period instead of taking their normal diet.

There is no such strict rule in this diet plan that you do not have to eat carbs, fiber, fat, protein or vitamins. In a properly controlled amount, you are allowed to eat everything in this diet. The price principle of this diet is “Calorie in and Calorie out”.

Protein-rich food 11 Home Sources of protein-Veg Non-veg

Example of the Diet Plan

  • For the first three days –

Breakfast -A spoonful of peanut butter with a toast or a bun, and tea or coffee or two boiled eggs, and tea or coffee or
Tea or coffee with a bowl of yogurt and fruit.

Lunch – a toast or roti or a bowl of rice with fish or vegetable or lentils, and coffee or tea.

Dinner – Grilled chicken or fish or green vegetables, a small cup of vanilla ice cream with an apple or banana

  • For the next four days –

You can switch back to your normal diet plan. However, do not eat any fried or processed food.

3.Advantages and disadvantages of the military diet!

The only advantage of this diet plan is that it reduces weight rapidly.

The biggest disadvantage of this diet plan is that it helps for some time only to lose weight. If you do this for a long time, it can be harmful to your health.

Warning: You should adopt this or any other diet plan only after consulting your doctor.

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