These 10 signs will tell you your life energy is over.

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These 10 signs will tell you your life energy is over.

Prana is the Sanskrit word which is related to life force. It is very important to balance life energy if you want happiness and positiveness in life. When our life energy is strong we feel happy, healthy and balanced, but if our habits and lifestyle are spoiled then the life force becomes weak. It is due to poor diet, poor lifestyle and negative thinking. When this happens, we see some symptoms at the physical and mental level, which is actually a danger bell that your life energy is weakening.

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Function of life energy

When we breathe we get the energy of life. You must be thinking that we take oxygen but you need to know, life force is an untouched and unseen feeling which is present in spirituality but it will only be able to feel when your attitude towards spirituality will be realized.

This life force spreads into the body in the form of energy, just like the blood runs through the veins through the nerves. This life force flows through the entire body of 7 chakras, just like the blood reaches all the organs. When this energy is blocked then we see some physical and emotional symptoms.

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10 symptoms of life energy imbalance

  1. Excessive fatigue and laziness
  2. Stress and exhaustion from work or even do not change it
  3. Frequent negative and harmful thoughts
  4. Lack of motivation
  5. Respond promptly and repeatedly for whatever is negative
  6. Headaches and confusion
  7. Any disorder associated with colds, allergies or disease-resistant potential
  8. Being upset
  9. Problems of digestive tract like bad stomach or diarrhea
  10. Sexual Problems

These 10 symptoms, if you are seeing it in time, and that too when you do not have any major illness and you are medically healthy, then you need to recharge your life energy.


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