Top 10 Cardio Exercises You Can Do At Home

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Cardio Exercises– You often make plans that from tomorrow onwards, you will go to the gym and do heavy workouts, but that will never come tomorrow. Workouts at home are also not done because machines and facilities like gyms are difficult to provide at home.

As a result, looking at the fit body of others just keeps on burning. In such a situation, if we say that you can easily exercise yourself without any machine at home and keep yourself fit, then you are happy to be happy. We are not talking in the air but will prove it with concrete evidence.

In this article of StyleCrease, we have brought for you the top 10 cardio exercises, which you can do anywhere. Doing these will not only burn your calories but will improve metabolism. We will tell you how to do cardio exercise (cardio exercise), as well as its benefits.

1.Jumping Jack

Jumping Jack Cardio Exercises

It will not be wrong if it is said that jumping jack is the most important in the cardio exercise category. Doing this burns a lot of calories. Also, doing this makes the thighs strong and gives them the right shape. Not only this but doing this exercise also helps in bringing the stomach in the right shape.

How to do :

  • It is important to stretch your legs and arms before starting this exercise so that it can be done easily and there is no problem while doing it.
  • Now stand upright and keep the waist and head straight. Keep the hands down with the body straight and the two legs are connected.
  • Now, bending lightly on your knees, jump as high as you can in the air.
  • While jumping, slightly open your legs and lift both arms above the head, extending away from the body.
  • When coming down, there should be space between the legs and hands should be straight upwards.
  • Now, jumping back, join the legs together and bring the hands too far below the body.
  • Keep in mind that it has to be done fast, not comfortably, only then it will benefit


Initially you can do two rounds of this exercise and jump at least 30 times in each round. Later, when you get used to it, you can do five rounds instead of two. It is easy to do this cardio exercise at home.

Cardio Exercises

2.Cross Jack

Cross Jack

Cross jack is also an excellent exercise to burn calories. Also, by doing this exercise, the excess fat deposited on the thighs, biceps, triceps, and Kapha can be reduced. Through this, it becomes easy to tone the abs as well.

How to do :

  • Stand with both legs together and keep the waist and head straight. Also, keep the arms straight with the body.
  • Now spread your legs a little and soar in the air.
  • Then when coming back down, place the feet on the ground, crossing each other.
  • During this whole process, keep your hands close to the waist or you can cross your hands by raising your hands to the shoulders. To understand this process, you can watch below Photo
  • Try that when you bounce, breathe in and come down crossing your legs, then exhale.


Initially you can do two rounds of this exercise and jump at least 30 times in each round. Later, when you get used to it, you can do five rounds instead of two.

Cardio Exercises

3.Spot Jogging

spot jogging Cardio Exercises

Spot jogsPinit
This exercise can also be done easily at home. It does not take much time to do this. This exercise is completed in hardly a minute. In this, standing at only one place, bending both legs from the knee and bringing them up one by one. Also, it is important to keep the hands moving fast so that the heart speed can increase and the full benefit of this exercise will be given. You can also do it slowly by standing in one place like jogging. This cardio exercise can be done at home.

4.Skater Squat

Skater Squat

This exercise is also beneficial in terms of calorie burning. Also, the core muscles help in functioning properly. By doing this exercise, glute, calf, and waist, etc. come in good shape. In short, the skater squad keeps the entire body shapely and balanced. There are many ways to do a skater squad, one of which we are talking about here.

How to do :

  • Stand straight by connecting the legs and keep the waist and head also straight.
  • Now with the left foot firmly on the ground, bend the right leg backward.
  • Then bend forward, bending the left knee.
  • During this, bring the left hand back and the right hand forward, as shown in this photo. Then rise back up. Do this whole process fast.
  • Do about 15-20 times with the right foot and then with the left foot. This way one of your sets will be completed.


In the beginning, you can do two sets like this.

Cardio Exercises

5.Skipping Rope

Skipping Cardio Exercises

Skipping, jumping rope for 20 minutes continuously, can burn about 200 calories at a time. However, for this, any long and strong rope in the house can be used, but it would be better to use a skipping rope available at a cheaper price in the market. Also, no special training or skill is required to do this. By doing this, full exercise of legs, legs, thighs, waist, and wrists, etc. is done. Along with this, the whole body is flexible.

How to do :

  • Hold the skipping rope and stand upright. Keep hands about one foot away from the body.
  • Now bring the rope from the back to the back. When the rope moves from front to back, jump over it.
  • Keep in mind that you have to jump with the claws and spin the rope through hands and wrists.


The jump can be done 25-30 times in a set. Three such sets can be made.

6.Jump Lunge

 Jump Lunge

Jump lounge in it
It is also an excellent cardio exercise. This can be done easily at home. By doing this, the muscles of the thighs become stronger. The heart rate increases manifold while jumping and the blood is well circulated throughout the body.

How to do :

  • To do this, stand up straight and keep the waist and head straight.
  • Now, bring both arms from the elbows to the waist.
  • Then bend out with the right leg forward, while keeping the left hand near the chest and the right hand behind the back. This stage will be the same as when we are ready to run.
  • Now bounce as high as you can and while coming back down, bend the left foot forward, while moving the right foot back. The position of the hands will also change in the same way.
  • Thus a cycle will be completed. Keep doing it fast.


Thus do two sets close to 30 cycles and after a few days do about 100 cycles in one set.

Cardio Exercises

7. high knee march

high knee march Cardio Exercises

In the category of cardio exercise, Hi Ni March is the easiest to do, but it takes a lot of energy to do it. By doing this exercise, your buttocks, thighs and stomach abs can get a good shape. At the same time, the body’s endurance increases.

How to do :

  • Stand upright. Your legs should be joined together and arms straight with the body.
  • Now bring the left hand from the elbow to the chest, while bringing the right leg up from the knee.
  • Then bring down the right leg and left hand and raise the left leg and right hand. This process will take place exactly as we normally would. Just stand in one place in it and move the feet up and down.
  • Do it neither slowly nor fast, only then it will benefit.
  • Do this until you count to 50, which will take you 20 seconds.

Note :-

This way you can do about three sets.

Cardio Exercises

8.Squat Jump

Squat Jump

Squat jumping
By doing this, the heart speeds up and increases blood circulation throughout the body, which affects metabolism. Jumping the squat burns a lot of calories and also increases the leg’s capacity. You can do this anytime and anywhere. Neither much space nor time is needed nor any instructor to do this.

How to do :

  • Standing straight, open the legs slightly and keep the hands straight.
  • Now keeping the waist straight, bend the knees slightly and bend down and spread the arms straight forward.
  • After this, jump in the air as much as possible and move your hands up.
  • When coming back down, bend the knees again.
  • Thus, one of your cycles is complete. You make it faster.


You can do two sets of 10 cycles. Keep in mind that not with the force of the claws, jump on the ground while keeping the legs well grounded.

9.Surya Namaskar

 Surya Namaskar Cardio Exercises

Surya NamaskarPinit
There is nothing better than Surya Namaskar as a cardio workout. This is the only physical activity that is capable of keeping the whole body fit. While doing this yoga asana, 12 types of physical activities are done, in which the body exercises from top to bottom. This is the best yoga to keep yourself fit both physically and mentally. Keep in mind that it should be done on an empty stomach in the morning. Doing this for about 25 minutes can burn 350 calories. Do the first four to five rounds comfortably and then increase your speed later.

10.Mountain Climber

Mountain Climber

Mountain climberPinit
By doing this, the body burns a lot of calories, abs and thighs get excellent shape, muscles are strong and blood circulation is better. It can also be tried in Cardia Exercise.

How to do :

  • Lie on your stomach on the ground and keep your hands close to the ground, bringing them near the shoulders.
  • After this, lift the body up by the hands. In this state, the entire weight of the body should be on the palms and toes. The body should be straight from top to bottom.
  • Now bring the left knee closer to the chest and stay in this position for about two seconds.
  • Then move the left foot back and immediately bring the right foot forward.
  • In this way, one of your cycles will be completed. Now do it continuously without a break.


Do two sets of this and do 20 cycles in each set, which later increase to 50.

Before starting any new exercise mentioned here, make sure that you are healthy for that exercise or not. If there is any problem in doing these cardio workouts in the beginning, then learn it from a trainer and then do it yourself.

If you are suffering from a serious problem like heart disease, then do consult medical advice before doing these exercises. All the cardio exercises mentioned in the article are effective and have the potential to produce good results. How did you like our article, do not forget to tell us in the comment box.

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