winter season- take care of your body in winter

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Take care of your body in the winter season

winter season

Winter season– Most people wait for winter. As much as the wait is in the winter season, there will hardly be any other season. And by the way, we say that the more we take care of ourselves in the winter season, the more benefit we will get in the summer season.

Whether we talk about diet in winter or take care of our skin, the more we focus on ourselves this time, it is considered as good. At the same time, taking care of yourself from cold winds is also necessary.

In most people, problems like dryness in the face and body are seen in the winter season. One reason for this is the cold winds too because the cold winds take away the moisture from our face. This is why problems like dryness become common in winter.

After all, how can we take care of ourselves in winter? What should be specially taken care of? Let’s know in this article.

Most of the time we see that people like to take a bath with very hot water during the winter season, but they do not know that using too much hot water causes dryness in our skin and dissipates the natural moisture. Very hot water is harmful to our body and it takes away the moisture from our body. So avoid bathing with as much hot water as possible.

Whenever you go for a bath, massage your entire body with mustard or olive oil thoroughly and only then go for a bath. It will retain moisture in your body and relieve dryness.

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You can use glycerin after taking a bath. Immediately after the bath, take a little glycerin in a light wet body and apply it to the whole body. This will maintain softness in the skin throughout the day.

You can use a boil. For boiling, mix gram flour, cream, milk, and honey together and apply it on the whole body before bathing. This will keep your body fresh and will also remove dryness.

You can use both honey and cream in equal amounts on your face. It will add softness to your face, as well as a good face pack for Glow.

In cold weather, we drink very little water which causes dehydration problems. So take full care of water intake even in cold.

Fruits are very important for your health. It not only gives you energy, but it is also necessary to consume seasonal fruits. Therefore, whatever the season, you must consume seasonal fruits.

You should use night cream every day before going to sleep at night. This will help keep your skin healthy.

Mix equal amounts of both glycerin and lemon and apply before bed at night. It acts as a natural moisturizer.

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