Withings Body scale + – Smart Body Composition Wi-Fi Digital Scale with a smartphone app

Withings Body scale +

Withings Body scale +



Full Body Composition – Observes weight (kg, lb, st), body fat and water%, and muscle and bone mass. Accurate weight measurement for 100 grams

Highly Compatible – This smart scale also combines Watch Watch with over 100 top health and fitness apps, including Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google Fit.

Automated Situation – Every healthy-weight data is automatically displayed via Wi-Fi in the free Health Mate app.

Accurate by design – Wi-Fi ensures that your measurements are precise anywhere in the world, and position control technology directs you to the correct stance so that each weight is accurate.


MULTI-USER FRIENDLY – Up to 8 users can weigh themselves and access their personal weight history, as the scale automatically identifies who is who.

Monitor the development of the entire family with pregnancy tracker (healthy weight gain range and maternity-reviewed advice) and baby mode to track the youngest members – for every stage of life.

Nutrition Tracking – Set a weight goal and manage your daily calorie budget.

Alexa, ASK Weddings – Now, your voice can help you manage your weight with Alexa skills that work with Health Mate.

Nokia bought Withings and relaunched its famous Wi-Fi Scale.

Nokia bought Withings

This sleek and stylish scale measures weight up to 0.2 lb or 0.1 kg and uses bio-electrical impedance to measure fat mass, lean mass, and Body mass index. It transmits data via Wi-Fi, and users can access their data and graphs on the website or through the Health Mate app. This Scale gives you instant feedback on your weight trend.

It now integrates weather forecasting to suggest activities. A maximum of eight users can use the Scale, and each can set its privacy level. The Health Mate app integrates with MyFitnessPal, Weight Watchers, MapMyRun, and other apps for diet, weight, and activity tracking. The maximum user weight is 396 pounds or 180 kg. Three AAA batteries power it for months.


As is clear from the name itself, Withings (formerly Nokia) Body + Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale is a whole-body composition scale that helps users reach their fitness goals. Paired with its Health Mate app, this Scale gives complete information about what is happening inside the body. In addition to weight, the Scale can also read muscle and bone mass and fat and percentage of water.

Since it connects to the app via Wi-Fi, users never have to manually track their weight changes and look back at previous progress instead. With so many bathroom scales on the market that do the same thing, I wanted to find out if this Scale would move upwards. I tested the Scale for weeks to find out if this Scale was worth it.

Setup process: easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions

After pulling out the battery tab and watching the LCD (liquid crystal display) screen light up, I continued the scale setup via the smartphone, which included downloading the Health Mate app, creating an account and adding my Scale.

The overall setup process was quick and easy – you follow the instructions on your phone – but I had an accident. Before that, I needed to join my Scale twice before and after creating an account. The process only added a few extra seconds, but it interrupted the otherwise uninterrupted flow of experience.

When the setup is final, you will choose which metrics you want to track (I picked them all: weight, body fat, muscle, body water, and bone mass) and then some on your age and height Answer the questions This is also when you can set a weight goal, as well as how many pounds you would like to gain or spend per week.

Although scales are extra accurate if you use them on a hard surface, such as tile or wood, it comes with a scale “carpet leg” that attaches to the bottom of the measurement floor, even if they are on a soft surface. Have taken over. If you are using a scale on a rug, attach them to the bottom.


Performance: beyond weight

The Body plus is a scale that goes beyond weight. Using bioelectrical impedance analysis, a reliable and undetectable electrical signal measures whole-body composition, including body fat mass, muscle mass, water % percentage, and bone mass. It works via measuring how long-drawn it takes the signal to go through your Body and return, accelerating through fat and accelerating through hard materials. These measurements take only a few seconds to make our body composition.

The Body + is a scale that goes beyond weight.

Specific scales only measure weight, but this number may not give you a complete picture of Health. By using a scale that weighs more, such as the Nokia Body +, you can better track your fitness progress. After all, muscle weight is more than fat, so weight gain can mean that you are building muscle.

All this information is then sent via Wi-Fi to the Health Mate app, where it is charted against the fitness goals you have set. The data comes into the app almost immediately, although you may have to refresh the app first.

More than eight people can use the Scale, and they are automatically identified based on the information on which the Scale has previous weight-ins. Users can connect via their own Health Mate app, or they can be grouped under one account.

Design: Smooth and minimalistic

Withings Body scale  + is an attractive looking scale with a glass surface in black, white, pastel green, or sand. At 2.4 x 1.6 inches, the LCD screen is large and bright and displays information. The mirror’s surface can sometimes appear dirty due to dust and hair, but it does not leave footprints or smudges, as it initially seems.

As crucial as Scale, however, it is the app, where you also spend more time than you do on the Scale. There, you can track progress and gain insight into your numbers. In general, I found the app easy to use, first displaying the timeline of my weight-in and a dashboard that reflected my physical makeup. From this dashboard, I can personally click into the metrics and see my progress by week, month, quarter, or year.


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I want the app to tell if my body measures were low, average, or high.

I like that the app includes “learn more” links for each metric to gather more information about the importance and impact of the measurement. However, I would like to be informed that my body measurements were low, average, or high. Shares this data when using Scale, but only briefly.

Precision: as accurate as can be

This Scale claims to be highly accurate, with measurements within 2 pounds of your actual weight. I tested my weight with several other scales simultaneously and found that the two sizes were consistently different, but always within one pound or another of each other’s body fat percentage. In my opinion, this slight difference is most acceptable to those who use the Scale to track long-term changes. It is also worth noting that body composition, using Body + to measure bioelectrical impedance is generally considered accurate, though not as precise as other more expensive and time-consuming methods.

However, precision is vital to this brand, and there are several ways to provide the most accurate measurement possible on this Scale. Body + has “position control” technology, which ensures that your weight is balanced on a sufficiently large scale for the most accurate measurement. If you need to adjust your stance or change your legs, you will see arrows in the edges on the LCD screen and direct you to tilt and unbalance yourself in the direction of the direction.

There is also something in the Scale called gravity compensation. Withings explains that because the gravity of the Earth can vary depending on where you are on the planet, adjusting your weight based on your location in the world to compensate Does.

Compatibility: Connects to a range of applications

Because it is a smart scale, it has some technical requirements before you can use it. In addition to Wi-Fi, you will need a compatible iOS or Android phone. The minimum device requirements are an iPhone 4S or newer, 5th generation iPod Touch or more modern, or a 3rd generation iPad or more original. If you have Android, it needs to run 5.0 or higher.

You also need the Health mentioned above Mate app, which serves as the hub of the company’s wellness devices. The app can also connect you to other apps, such as Apple Health, MyForespell, Runkeeper, and even Nest, although if Scale is the only wiring product you’re using, you may not need or Do not want.


I chose to pair the Scale with Apple Health, which was easy to do, and my measurements were added immediately. Doing this adds information from other apps to Health Mate, such as my step number.

Smart Capabilities: Uninterrupted Connection to Your Phone

The Scale’s ability to connect to your phone takes it one step above the Scale of yesteryear. After the initial setup, the Scale automatically sends all measurements to your phone within minutes of the weight-in. The ability to track your fitness progress without any manual chart or extra work allows you to focus on the results that you are after entirely.

The Scale’s ability to connect to your phone takes it one step above the Scale of yesteryear.

But because it is a smart scale, the Scale will not track your results if you are ever without Wi-Fi. However, you can manually input your numbers if necessary, and Scale automatically monitors the last 16 readings and will upload them when Wi-Fi is available.

Additional features: customized for your family

Body + Scale comes with some unique features that not everyone will need, but they are essential. The first is a pregnancy tracker, which guides you during pregnancy, helping you keep track of weight and Bodybody changes. Although some similar scales, such as the Fitbit Aria 2, advise against use during pregnancy, Nokia says it is safe. Then, Baby Mode allows parents to easily track their child’s development by having the baby step into their arms extensively.

The Scale also has an athlete mode, a setting for those who are incredibly fit. Because an athlete’s body composition is very different from those that only work casually, the athlete mode calculates fat and muscle using a unique algorithm. Those who work more extended than eight hours a week and have a heartbeat rate of fewer than 60 beats per minute (bpm) may need to use this mode.

And finally, the Scale can also display weather on the LCD screen. I found this feature unnecessary and discontinued it. If you are from someone who checks your weight in the morning, this may be useful.


Exclusive features only persist in the app, which provides some wellness programs. You can choose Mindfulness Meditation, Better Sleep, Better Body, Healthy Heart, and more. That is also where you will be able to access the pregnancy tracker. Each of these programs is free, but some may require additional equipment. (A better sleep program, for example, requires one of the sleepers sleep trackers.)

Battery: lasts about a year and a half.

The Scale consists of four AAA batteries (included in the purchase), and the Vikings claim they will last an average of 18 months. You can monitor battery usage in the app, indicating the percentage of remaining battery life.

Price: A bargain for features

Body + for $ 99.95 (and is known for being marked down for $ 79.99), which sounds like a bargain when you offer multiple metrics as well as a comprehensive companion app. If you are looking for a more affordable scale, there are still some good options at lower price points. For example, other sizes go for as little as $ 35, but they are often missing additional features. Conversely, some scales go for as high as $ 130 but do not offer much above this Scale.

Withings Body scale  + Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale vs. Fitbit Aria 2

I also tested the Fitbit Aria 2, which is comparable to this Scale. Both are equally visible, with the same reflective glass surface and accent lines. They also have other similarities, including an eight-user allowance and the ability to connect to an app to set goals and track progress.

But after trying both of them, Body + is the clear winner. Not only is it about $ 30 less than the Fitbit Aria 2, but it also provides you with more data, such as muscle, bone mass, and water percentage. Those who already use and love Fitbit products may prefer the Aria 2 for its seamless connection to related devices. However, even this is a stretch, as Body + pairs well with so many other apps, it may not be worth it to pay more for Aria 2 just for this purpose.

Buy this Scale!

Withings Body scale  + Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale is a reliable scale at a reasonable price point. The ability to track an abundance of metrics will help you better understand your body and fitness progress. The No-Frills app is easy to use to track measurements or to connect to one of many other compatible apps of Scale. Not much happens on this Scale (especially considering its particular mode), and because of this, it is one of our tops.


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