WWE Superstar Workout Routine for John Cena

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Workout Routine for John Cena!

WWE Superstar– Seeing John Cena fight, you too must have become crazy about his fight moves and great body and would like to build a heavy body like him. John Cena does these exercises to maintain his fitness.

Wrestler John Cena of WWE is not lacking. If any wrestler has gained so much popularity in the world in recent times, it is John Cena. His fighting moves, heavy body, lightning-like agility make everyone crazy for him.

John Cena started bodybuilding in childhood to protect himself from older children and after that John Cena has taken his fitness to a different level. Sometimes you must also wonder what he would have done for such a great muscular body. Let’s know what exercises John Cena does.

WWE Superstar

John Cena workout

  • While wrestling John Cena picks up and throws a heavier fighter than himself. To do this they need extremely strong shoulders and legs, which can handle the weight of the front fighter. So John Cena exercises the Barbell Squat with a very heavyweight to gain this strength. This exercise makes your feet strong.
WWE Superstar john cena shoulder workout
  • There is no dearth of people wanting to make huge chests like John Cena. But John does a lot of intense workouts for this. The way they do their push-ups is different. He keeps two-two weight plates up and down with him on both sides. They first do a wrap by placing their hands on the ground and then do a wrap of push-ups on the weight plate by lifting their body above the jerk.
  • John Cena exercises a heavyweight of benchpress to strengthen his chest. Benchpress is an essential and basic exercise to strengthen and elevate the chest. This puts deep pressure on your pecs muscles, causing the chest to bulge.
  • A strong waist is very much needed to defeat the front wrestler in the fight and to execute his fighting moves. That’s why John Cena does a lot of exercises to strengthen his waist and also uses deadlifts or extension exercises for lower back pain after a fight.

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